Retirement Planning with Isaac Fang CFA
2 types of dollars in your wallet
July 5, 2018
Financial Planning with Isaac Fang CFA
Financial Planning – Does it make a difference?
July 21, 2018
Stockdale Paradox


  1. […] If it is not an exact science, it is a craft. Only guidelines apply but not hard coded rules. Compliance can only tell you what is wrong, but cannot diagnostically pinpoint the right thing to do in a situation. There is right, wrong, not right, not wrong. Each is distinctively different. Compliance to the letter of a law does not mean compliance to the spirit of the law. That is another simple truth. […]

  2. […] and watermelon, same (genre of coverage) but different (mechanics and definitions). That is the truth. Which area of coverage is more meaningful to […]

  3. […] alongside with the Montgomery principle, RUN! You deserve better competency standards. That is the truth. True multipurpose financial planning does not seek to re-order your priorities for a sales target. […]

  4. […] is the exact science. The laws of gravity are an example. No random error. No deviation of outcomes should a set of […]

  5. […] your throat or deploy any form of emotional blackmail to do something you are not comfortable with. That’s the truth. Enough […]

  6. […] here are statements of the truth to marry them […]

  7. […] is easier to adjust lifestyles upwards than to downgrade lifestyles. That is a simple truth. Another infallible truth is that you have to live BELOW your means to generate savings for further […]

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