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About A New Financial Planning Experience

Experience the True Spirit of financial planning. This is about a new, more objective and holistic approach to financial planning. It does not replace the existing financial planning process. It refines the process. The current process is legislated, regulated and instituted by law. This new experience promises not just compliance to the letter of the law, but to comply with the spirit of the law as well.

Design Driven Approach


FDM DIY Best Financial Plan Comparison Method
How to set expectations for investment returns

I will focus on what is most relevant and meaningful to you. If income yield is your goal, asking which integrated medishield plan you are on, completely misses the objective entirely. The design driven process does not seek to re-order your priorities for a sales target. Rather, it maintains the focus on your target. In fact, I developed a unique process that nicely blends objectivity and hyper-focus on your priorities through the special process within the financial planning process – FDM process. Appreciate the layers of understanding that will be applied on your personal finances.

Observe the multiple dimensions (RRTTLLU, RDMILT just for starters) that goes into the final proposal for that unique financial you. They can be fluid as well. It is not just about the range of the products, but who better synchronises and whose style resonates with you better, that determines whom you should choose to engage.

Through a PhillipCapital representative such as myself, you can be assured of direct access to the wide variety of asset classes, if not indirect. This is made possible only by an adviser representative with the appropriate regulated license to conduct the said financial advisory activity. Range of products? Not an issue.

To be design driven is to be intuitive and sensitive to what is meaningfully relevant. You know what I do. I have got the range of services, the competency and the relevant regulated licenses. Are you ready to explore?