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Explore a new financial planning experience.

This does not replace the existing financial planning process. This refines the process. The current process is legislated, regulated and instituted by law. This new experience promises not just compliance to the letter of the law, but to comply with the spirit of the law as well. Legalese is inherent and inescapable. But this new experience invigorates the True Spirit that drives financial planning. Try it.

Design Driven Approach

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I will focus on what is most relevant and meaningful to you. If income yield is your goal, asking which integrated medishield plan you are on, completely misses the objective entirely. The design driven process does not seek to re-order your priorities for a sales target. Rather, it maintains the focus on your target.

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Observe the multiple dimensions (RRTTLLU, RDMILT just for starters) that goes into the final proposal for that unique financial you. They can be fluid as well. It is not just about the range of the products, but who better synchronises and whose style resonates with you better, that determines whom you should choose to engage.

To be design driven is to be intuitive and sensitive to what is meaningfully relevant. You know what I do. How can I be of service to you?


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