COVID19 Leveller & EduSeminars

Covid19 is a leveller of sorts.

With regards to the distribution of insurance products and financial services, social distancing measures in the interest of public health and safety, have jammed the brakes on roadshows and physical seminars. Both roadshows and seminars require venues and costs involved.

Financial advisor representatives are also not to engage in physical face to face business communications. This has driven business practices towards video conferencing and changing administrative protocols to get work done.

The blind will never miss the rainbow. The total newbie in the industry picks up video conferencing and non face-to-face business submissions without any legacy issues.

This is a new development for me. I will be conducting EduSeminars without charging fees. It is an ethical bribe based on emotional bank account principles. Those with an account tied to me or have business relationships with me, can be assured of a “seminar seat”.

What can you expect from Isaac’s EduSeminar?

The Usual

  • Simple Truths and Facts for reminder purposes
  • Setting the Environment and backdrop straight
  • Some shameless self marketing

The O-lala

  • A Financial Literacy Topic
  • Something to learn

The O-I-see

  • Market Outlook & Updates
  • Some personal insights

Q&A session

“Seminar seat” details will only be provided via email.

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Hope to see you online!