Financial Advisory in Singapore - by Isaac Fang CFA, ChFC, CFP Financial Advisory in Singapore - by Isaac Fang CFA, ChFC, CFP

Financial Advisory Follows a Process

Financial Advisory Respects Priorities

Financial Advisory by Isaac Fang follows a process with deliverables at each stage. It comes with a unique process within the process as well. In Singapore, Financial Advisory is a regulated activity that requires a license.
Isaac Fang holds the relevant license including stock broking so the advice may include capital market instruments other than collective investment schemes.

Process and Deliverables

Read on for further elaborations, click on respective buttons for more details in specific write ups. The style of writing is such that it is peppered with links to other write ups for elaboration. Yet those very linkages display the interconnectedness and holistic approach taken.


Re-ordering a person's priorities for a sales target is inappropriate. Few advisor representatives adopt prophylactical considerations of future asset purpose conflicts as well as anticipate future buyer remorse that might impede overall future financial plans. It is not what was delivered yesterday that drives today's value. It is what gets delivered in future that drives today's value.

Financial Advisory For Discerned Individuals

Global Equity Markets

  • Access more than 23 global stock exchanges with one account.
  • Global Markets round the clock trading assistance
  • Trading made easy through POEMS online multi-currency facility
  • Custodian services to take care of your trade settlements and corporate actions
  • Headline news, multi-market watch lists, advanced charting tools
  • Leverage using Margin Financing

Unit Trust Funds

  • Gain access to a wide selection of more than 1000 funds.
  • Invest in local, regional, or global funds covering various sectors and industries of your choice
  • Build a personalized unit trust portfolio that invests in a mix of underlying asset classes, e.g. equity, balanced, bond and/or money market funds that aim to deliver returns that best meet your investment profile, goals and appetite for risk.

Managed Account Services

  • Active management of your portfolio in changing market conditions
  • Direct ownership of securities in your name
  • Full transparency of portfolio holdings through 24/7 online access
  • More than 14 years of market expertise
  • Experienced research analysts in Singapore and within the PhillipCapital network of 15 countries and regions
  • Multi-asset options available ranging from Equities and Bonds to Unit Trusts, Exchange Traded Funds, REITs and Money Market Funds*
  • Wide selection of services investing in specific region, country and/or sector
  • No lock-in period
*Include Money Market Funds managed by related companies

Financial Advisory For High Net Worths

Corporate Bonds

  • Access to more than 250,000 bonds globally
  • More than 80 counterparties available worldwide
  • Access to bonds denominated in 9 different global currencies (SGD, USD, AUD, RMB, EUR, GBP, MYR, HKD and JPY)
  • Participation in both Primary and Secondary bond markets globally

Legacy/ Estate Planning

  • Enhance and protect your current assets while enabling wealth transfer in accordance to your wishes
  • Portfolio diversification – complements your assets such as equities, properties and businesses that are easily affected by volatile market conditions. Helps to reduce overall portfolio risks
  • Harmonious wealth transfer – equitable distribution of assets
  • Flexible payment modes – lump sum, regular payment or premium financing

Multi-Asset Financing

  • For clients who wish to enhance their total returns using leverage, PhillipCapital can provide credit facilities
  • First understanding your financial situation, plans and aspirations. PhillipCapital can connect you to financing that best supports your long-term goals
  • Variety of strategies providing exposure to the global leveraged finance markets offered.

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