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Starting a relationship with me is easy. I assume that you have gotten to know me enough through this website to want me as a steward for your financial journey. Otherwise, you may wish to poke around this website more.  Know that formally initiating a relationship with me, will have me contacting you as well. It lets you know that I am real too.

Being upfront about everything, you should know by now that I am a representative of PhillipCapital with multiple licenses for a range of financial services in your hands. There are basically 2 ways that we can be connected.

First is to be an email subscriber follower. This is where you can receive email updates on events where I speak, industry buzz or alerts when I have posted new writings. For that, just click here.

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The other way is to open a securities account with me. This way I can assist you on the services provided by PhillipCapital. It is normal to have multiple securities account from various broking houses, at least if one platform is down, there is another to perform hedging measures if situation and needs be. PhillipCapital allows multiple accounts by different internal representatives as well. So you get to choose to work with whomever you please as long as your relationship with PhillipCapital does not change. However, I will not be able to transact or act on the other accounts you have with PhillipCapital. Surely, you can understand that.

When you wish to open an account tagged to me on your DESKTOP, please note the following:

InkedOnline Account Opening POEMS 20191129_LI


Note the “How did you know about us?”

Do select “Trading Representative / Financial Advisor

InkedOnline Account Opening POEMS_1_20191129_LI


Note that my code is APR

Make sure APR is reflected. This code traces back to old days of open outcry pit floors, not that I am old, the individual tracking of dealing representatives by the exchange is nostalgic.

If done properly, I will receive notification by my firm that an application is in. Starting a relationship with Isaac, checked!

When you wish to open an account tagged to me using your MOBILE DEVICE, with government’s myInfo initiative, form filling is less painful with your SingPass. For a smoother process, do prep the following:

account opening prep


Yes you can open an account using POEMS 2.0 mobile app.

Accounts in PhillipCapital


Take note if you wish to consider foreign securities.

Prepaid means pre-funding a purchase and there is less credit risk to the broker. Do note that CDP cannot hold foreign securities in custody for you. If you have any queries on what account type to open, do not hesitate to reach out to me at +65 9730 6977.

Start A Relationship. Now.


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