How to do Investment Planning the CFA way - Isaac Fang How to do Investment Planning the CFA way - Isaac Fang
Investing follows a process

Investment Planning the CFA way

There are 3 main components to your ongoing investment journey and each affects how you are going to invest as well as what you should be investing. Yes it is possible to do-it-yourself. But if you would like some assistance, there is the button below.

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Read on for further elaborations, click on respective buttons for more details in specific write ups. The style of writing is such that it is peppered with links to other write ups for elaboration. Yet those very linkages display the interconnectedness and holistic approach taken.


From intra-day scalping, positional trades to long term investing, there are many approaches to the markets. It's about tailoring your investment portfolio to be congruent to your lifestyle, beliefs towards the markets and investment policies set for yourself. Income yield, capital gains or inflation/investment hedges - Let's have a conversation.

Systematic Craft

Markets are dynamic. Trends change, they come and go. You are unique with your own preferences, style and approach. Recognize the individual internalities and constantly changing externalities. Both are subject to change.

I am the tailor for your investment portfolio.

Time and tools will be used to know you, like how a tailor takes your body measurements. A discussion will follow on your preferences and current trends, just as you would like certain unique expressions that may or may not be in sync with current fashion trends. It is best to set new trends instead, or anticipate certain trends and be the first mover.

Range & Access

To speak of customization requires the range of instruments and their access. Fortune favors the bold. Yes be bold, not reckless. It may be hard to distinguish and separate them both. But we know that the boxer who fears throwing a punch will risk being hit and never throws a punch, will never win a match.

There is a framework to approach markets that all good licensed representatives ought to know (passed CMFAS 6A, 8A, 9A) and so run away from those who do not practice what they preach nor embrace as quoted shown.

Use the appropriate instrument (or combination) to capture the investment view. Using a needle to do knitting is not far from using a butter knife to cut up steak. One account, one servicing representative is all you need.


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