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PhillipCapital is a leading financial services firm, and we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the highest quality financial advice and support. As a financial advisory consultant with our firm, you will be responsible for providing a range of financial services to our clients, including investment advice, retirement planning, and insurance planning. Join me, as I will be raising and training a team of professional wealth managers to be a part of a new dynamic team.

To be successful in this role, we are looking for candidates who have a strong academic background in finance or a related field, as well as experience working in the financial services industry. Additionally, we are looking for individuals who are highly motivated, results-driven, and able to work independently as well as part of this team.



Fund Management License Approved


  • Achieve flexibility, empowerment and fulfilment in your career.
  • Enjoy a challenging yet fulfilling career as PhillipCapital’s Financial Advisory Consultant, Trading Representative or Portfolio Manager.
  • Be the integrated service hub for your customers.
  • If you are seeking a path towards fund management, PhillipCapital holds the Fund Management License on top of others.


  • Be rewarded like an entrepreneur running your own business.
  • Generate multiple revenue streams through building of your customer’s portfolio.
  • Accumulate assets and gain credit. Reach out to generations of customers and tailor solutions for them.
  • Company digital initiatives that support your business. (Click on Talk to Phillip image to see for yourself.)

Join me on a mission where you are rewarded to:

  1. Lead others in navigating investment markets.
  2. Grow others’ wealth with access to multiple assets.
  3. Protect others’ wealth against insurable events.

If you are interested to join me in this dynamic team as a financial advisory consultant, please submit your resume to my email at I look forward to hearing from you and finding the best talent to join me on this mission. Thank you for your time and interest. Do browse around to learn more.


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