Trust is not easy to establish and verification takes effort. This page will continually be updated with persons I have met face-to-face and interacted with. This gives them online visibility as well and I am glad to call them friends.

We do not have to meet face-to-face to make an association.

Other ways an association can be made, would be to “write for us”.

The writer should have a thorough understanding of financial products such as personal finance, investing, insurance, income tax, retirement, and investment ideas, as well as the ability to create high-quality material for our readers.

There will be no monetary remuneration, but you will receive proper attribution and a backlink to your website or social media presence. There is no limit to the number of articles a writer can submit; own time own target in local SG slang.

I am happy to associate with people who help others with any type of financial information in order to make an informed investment decisions.

Due to the high volume of emails regarding ‘write for us,’ there may be a delay in responding to your inquiry.

What topics for “write for us”.

A good gauge of the range of personal finance and investment related articles can be found in the Write Ups section’s categories. Note that only relevant articles get published.

“Write for us” articles must follow certain guidelines.

  • Article word count should exceed 700 words or more.
  • Content should be relevant, high quality and unique.
  • Grasp an understanding of the topics present in the site before sending content regarding “write for us”.
  • No explanation will be given if the content is not published. Article suitability decision is final.
  • Multiple links from the same domain will be removed.
  • Will be glad to link your personal blog/website and social links as well as author bio if found suitable. Keep your bio to a single sentence.
  • Share the content via email. Use word doc while sending them.
  • Vetting takes time. Patience appreciated.
  • Retaining the Right to edit the content to meet any editorial guidelines.
  • Once article is published on this site, you are not to use it anywhere.
  • Isaac can be reached via email.
  • All articles published on this site may be shared on social media channels.

The following rules are not to be taken lightly while sending content & emails about “write for us”.

  • Do not send content & articles for marketing purposes.
  • Do not add external links in the first 350 words.
  • Do not repeat send the same query.
  • Never send content with grammatical errors.
  • Do not send content with poor structure.
  • Do not send another person’s work as yours.

How to submit articles to “write for us”?

It should not be difficult to locate my email on this site. Send it and wait for a response.