Financial Planning – Does it make a difference?

Example: 2 Graduates started working at the same time with the same job.

It sure makes a difference!

  • Income earned
  • Expenditure patterns
  • Attitudes towards financial planning
  • Savings allocated and allocation to investments
  • Type of investments made
  • Proper use of leverage could help leapfrog
  • Risk appetite: Low or high risk
  • Calamities or unforeseen circumstances

How to create savings?

Expenses & Lifestyle Chosen

  • To upgrade or not to upgrade
  • To drive or to go public
  • To eat out or to eat in
  • To Europe or to Bintan
  • To Escada or to Metro

Review Actual Expenditure incurred, evaluate expenditure pattern

  • Identify unnecessary leakages
  • Identify expenses that may be postponed or even eliminated
  • Anticipate any future expenditure that may need to be catered now

Decide on the type of job & income that you can earn from it

  • Salaried vs Self employment
  • Industry and potential for growth
  • Acquiring appropriate skill mix to keep job or advance further
  • Willingness to take up opportunity that may take you to higher job prospects
  • Create income from assets

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