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Isaac Fang is a top-notch financial advisor in Singapore. He has been in the financial services industry since 2001. Offering Professional Wealth Management & other wide range of financial services especially Securities Wrap Account Services. Uses a multi-disciplinary approach towards financial planning with the FDM process and an emphasis on being design-driven. Conduct your financial planning the right way with a certified financial planner (CFP Singapore).

Driven Financial Planning in Singapore

Isaac Fang – CFA, ChFC, CFP Singapore

My name is Isaac. I am a MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) licensed representative of Phillip Securities Pte Ltd (Principal). My RNF number is FCN200135730 and I hold multiple licenses to conduct various financial advisory services. Over the years in the Financial Advisory Services Industry, I have acquired the CFA charter, ChFC and CFP certifications.

All regulated financial products out there have their purpose for existence, whether it is suitable or not depends on client-specific circumstances which can be fluid. And as such no regulated product will be slammed here.

Financial Services Offered in Singapore

– Dealing in Securities
– Advising on Investment Products (CIS)
– Advising on Investment Products (Life Policies)
– Advising on Investment Products (Securities other than CIS)
– Arranging Contracts of Insurance in respect of Life Policies
– Marketing Collective Investment Schemes (CIS)
– Marketing Corporate Group Insurance & General Insurance
– Professional Investment Advisory Services

Are you looking for an experienced certified financial consultant in Singapore? Poke around the site and if you feel that I can be of good stewardship on your financial journey, do not hesitate to arrange a face-to-face appointment.

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Explore a new financial planning experience.

This does not replace the existing financial planning process. This refines the process. The current process is legislated, regulated and instituted by law. This new experience promises not just compliance to the letter of the law, but to comply with the spirit of the law as well. Legalese is inherent and inescapable. But this new experience invigorates the True Spirit that drives financial planning. Try it.

Design Driven Approach

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I will focus on what is most relevant and meaningful to you. If income yield is your goal, asking which integrated medishield plan you are on, completely misses the objective entirely. The design driven process does not seek to re-order your priorities for a sales target. Rather, it maintains the focus on your target.

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Observe the multiple dimensions (RRTTLLU, RDMILT just for starters) that goes into the final proposal for that unique financial you. They can be fluid as well. It is not just about the range of the products, but who better synchronises and whose style resonates with you better, that determines whom you should choose to engage.

To be design driven is to be intuitive and sensitive to what is meaningfully relevant. You know what I do. How can I be of service to you?

All-In-One Steward

Equities. Fixed Income. CFDs. Capital Markets Access. Unit Trusts. Life & General Insurance. Quite a wide range of financial services! If you don’t believe it, my RNF is FCN200135730 and you can check the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) registry to see the list of regulated activities permitted.

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Check out the offerings multitude of Phillip Securities Pte Ltd. The buffet of financial services provide a fertile environment for multi-purpose financial solutions to emerge. At the end of the day, it is the Steward who will save you from drowning in the burden of choice and facilitate your choice selections to express that unique financial YOU.

Is that not better alignment of interest?

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I dare not claim independence in advisory unlike others because you should be the judge of that. But I got the range of products, providers and services; with the relevant competencies to bring design driven financial planning to you.

As a steward, I have no authority to execute matters without your knowledge. Ultimately it is a proposal-acceptance arrangement as I guide/suggest/propose implementable ideas in accordance to your priorities. Make an appointment with me today. Better still, start a relationship with me today!

Isaac’s Thoughts

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I hope my writings/posts/musings can inspire individuals on their personal finance journeys. Do connect with me on Facebook too. Happy reading!

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I assume that you have gotten to know me enough through this site to want me as a steward for your financial journey. Otherwise, you may wish to poke around this website more.

Being upfront about everything, you should know by now that I am a representative of PhillipCapital with multiple licenses for a range of financial services in your hands. There are basically 2 ways that we can be connected.

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The other way is to open a securities account with me. This way I can assist you on the services provided by PhillipCapital. It is normal to have multiple securities account from various broking houses, at least if one platform is down, there is another to perform hedging measures if situation and needs be. PhillipCapital allows multiple accounts by different internal representatives as well. So you get to choose to work with whomever you please as long as your relationship with PhillipCapital does not change. However, I will not be able to transact or act on the other accounts you have with PhillipCapital. Surely, you can understand that.

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Do select “Trading Representative / Financial Advisor

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Note that my code is APR

Make sure APR is reflected. This code traces back to old days of open outcry pit floors, not that I am old, the individual tracking of dealing representatives by the exchange is nostalgic.

If done properly, I will receive notification by my firm that an application is in.

When you wish to open an account tagged to me using your MOBILE DEVICE, with government’s myInfo initiative, form filling is less painful with your SingPass. For a smoother process, do prep the following:

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Accounts in PhillipCapital
Take note if you wish to consider foreign securities.

Prepaid means pre-funding a purchase and there is less credit risk to the broker. Do note that CDP cannot hold foreign securities in custody for you. If you have any queries on what account type to open, do not hesitate to reach out to me at +65 9730 6977.