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AIA Centurion Personal Accident

AIA Centurion PA

AIA Centurion Personal Accident product is a new innovative personal accident insurance policy and here are its unique selling points:

  • It is the first personal accident plan in Singapore that covers neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s Disease/Severe Dementia and Idiopathic Parkinson’s Disease.
  • It offers high entry age of up to 80 years old, for protection all the way till age 100.
  • It provides comprehensive worldwide coverage for medical, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and chiropractic treatment costs, transport accidents, accident-related injuries, and more.
  • It includes exclusive access to home care services and on-demand teleconsultation, ensuring you receive the best possible care whenever you need it.
  • It is integrated with AIA Vitality, a comprehensive health and wellness programme that motivates and supports you to lead Healthier, Longer, Better Lives.
AIA Centurion PA for the elderly

There are many personal accident plans in the market. In fact, some can be bought online even! AIA has been known to have good personal accident insurance policies. They have a variety with each tailored specifically for certain groups of people – Children for example.

AIA Centurion Personal Accident is definitely for the elderly who potentially face dementia when they are older. If you have an elderly parent in your care, consider taking it up with your parent as the insured while you are the owner.

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