Legacy Planning in Singapore
Legacy Planning in Singapore
October 7, 2018
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October 21, 2018


 Daily Leverage Certificates (DLC) are Specified Investment Products.

Summary of Main Points:

  1. Last Friday data released, US unemployment rate is down. However NFP missed estimates which sapped a bit of USD strength.
  2. One more rate hike for the year, the expectation is still there on the balance of probabilities.
  3. PBOC announcement on Sunday (yesterday) is a supportive move.
  4. The event is one thing but how the market react is another, it may be signalling some liquidity issues to warrant such a move.
  5. Expectation for SIMSCI to re-test Sept lows, re-testing of support levels is not uncommon in technical analysis.

Daily Leverage Certificates (DLC) can magnify investment trading gains and losses. Use with care.

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