Post-covid trading themes - Sgtradingfestival - Isaac Fang CFA Post-covid trading themes - Sgtradingfestival - Isaac Fang CFA
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Post-covid trading themes – Sgtradingfestival

Singapore Trading Festival yr2022 post-covid trading themes

What are some of the post-covid trading themes? Singapore looks forward to 29th March 2022. A bold step towards living with covid – Mask wearing outdoors will be optional. I was asked to prepare for this presentation for Singapore Trading Festival 2022 and the delivery took place 26th March 2022 at 1230hr. The post is meant for those who missed the session and yet want the content still. In any case, I promised the audience that I will make available the slide deck on my website.

I began the session with a self introduction and more importantly, I wanted to share with the audience the importance of approaching the markets correctly. I relied heavily on the portfolio management process as taught in the CFA institute, and the citation from CMFAS textbooks which likely all good financial advisor representatives like myself, ought to know.

Singapore trading festival 2022 snapshot post-covid trading themes

The bottom line is that forward statistics are not stable. Every style, value or growth, scalping or investing, has its own time and season. Which is why I embrace the adaptive market hypothesis and will describe my investing style towards more going with the flow. I do not aim to be correct, I aim to be profitable. I respect markets.

Post-covid trading themes

27th March 2022 Singapore Trading Festival, ought to serve as a reference for the stock calls made by me, to be reviewed in future. By the way, most of my securities wrap clients have taken positions prior already. 

  • Climate Change Trigger – Sembcorp Ind (Last closed $2.68)
  • Travel Recovery – SIA Engineering (Last closed $2.45)
  • Cybersecurity / Metaverse – Starhub (Last closed $1.29)
  • Cybersecurity / Metaverse – Singtel (Last closed $2.65)

Not to repeat the details that is already in the slide deck, you can download the slide deck for your reference and see the charts along with technical analysis highlighted bits.


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