Webcast with SocGen 20181022 - Isaac Fang

Webcast with SocGen 20181022

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October 21, 2018
Isaac Fang CFP ChFC CFA
Webcast with SocGen 20181105
November 8, 2018
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Webcast with SocGen 20181022

Isaac Fang CFP ChFC CFA


Summary of Main Points

  1. Last Friday, China Industrial Production came in at 5.8%, less than 6% forecasted.
  2. China supports its market and support evidenced with double consecutive weekly long tail candlesticks seen on the ChinaA50.
  3. Sideways expectations after a move last week. Previous support becomes resistance.
  4. Thursday ECB interest rate decision, Italy and the EURO needs to be watched. Trump and Saudi Arabia might have tensions pushing oil prices up.
  5. There may be positive correlation SIMSCI with oil prices. For how long is anybody’s guess.


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