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Stretch your dollar
November 11, 2018
HDB home based small scale business scheme for side hustle
Own a job if need be
November 18, 2018

Daily Leverage Certificates are Specified Investment Products.

Summary of Main Points:

  1. US NovElections results no impact on Trade War because Trump can unilaterally make the decision calls but there will be political brokering.
  2. Catalytic data expected Wednesday 10am China Industrial Production data.
  3. Same night 2130hr US Core inflation data may seal the way for Dec US Rate Hike.
  4. Am hunting for higher low.

None of these to be misconstrued as a recommendation to act. What I aim to do may not necessarily be suitable for any specific financial circumstances, so bear your own risks for following.

Daily Leverage Certificates amplify investment trading gains and losses. Use wisely.

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