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February 27, 2019
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20190314 SGX chart Price Action

Chart is taken from Nextview along with market depth during the Wednesday afternoon of 2019-03-13. Vertical lines show the date with the corresponding candlestick.

People often ask what is the fastest market signal. The answer to that is price action. What is it exactly? How to identify one? Is there an example to see what it looks like? We now have one nice good case to glean as much as we can from it – SGX.

There was a gap down on the 8th March 2019 with no real explanation following a bearish engulfing pattern alongside with increased volume.

Do you dare follow the price action and go short without knowing why the price behaves this way? Food for thought.

Come 11th March 2019 another opening gap down with much heavier volume sell down.

Two consecutive gap downs with increasing volume of sell down is considered as price action, significant enough to be clearly identifiable. The reverse will also constitute price action.

Price action faster than 20190312 News on SGX

Check out the time stamp close to noon of 12th March 2019.

Now we know why the weakness in the share price. Obviously someone understood the impact of the information, inferred properly and took action before everyone else. Price moves faster than news right?

How much faith have you in price action signals?

SGX is a listed company and a component of the Straits Times Index. A local blue chip. Do you see opportunity for long or short? What is your time horizon holding period? For trading or investment? Does it fit into your asset allocation? Want advice? Make an appointment.

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