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Insurance at work (A Claim Story)

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How unique are you to me?
December 14, 2019
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Insurance at work (A Claim Story)

Life Insurance at work

E found me.

I was afraid she was a mystery shopper initially, so I asked E to meet me at PhillipCapital office at #06 Raffles City Tower for our first appointment. I did the formal stuff expected in this regulated industry. I handed her my name card, explained my scope of regulated activities and asked her how did she find me.

E said it was through Facebook. She said my comments were different and she liked what she had read. I proceeded to explain my approach and design driven style. E said she wanted life insurance with critical illness and I asked if she wanted with cash value or term coverage. She said she was open to both and I proceeded to perform full fact find with needs analysis calculations and all. This is to be expected prim and proper in this regulated industry.

Long story short, after more than 30 benefit illustrations over at least 5 appointments stretching over 3 months, SINGLIFE term covering death, total permanent disability and critical illness for $500,000 was chosen for implementation.

I have to say a few words for SINGLIFE, choice of the product was for its own merits and not from what I am to describe. The client can fill up the proposal form online through personal email link. The agent can simply initiate the proposal form creation and let the client fill out the rest own time own target, and submit! I am impressed!

During an annual review prompt, I learnt that E had been hospitalised. Her brother J, informed me of her condition through a phone call and I went down to visit E with critical illness claim forms that day. I explained to E and J of the insurance company’s requirements of the various information needed, and expedited wherever possible. As I had compiled the insurance portfolio for E, with her permission, I shared it with J so he can initiate claims with the other policy numbers from other companies.

Claims settlement 20191212 - Copy

The gratitude I see in faces, is very moving and fulfilling at the same time. In the days of old, a physical cheque for the payout amount gets hand delivered by agent. But at present, the amount simply gets credited to the bank account directly. Speedier. Technology has progressed and will keep progressing.

The message will never get old.


I am reminded of an experience back in the days when I was in AIA as an insurance agent at Alexandra and I might as well share it in this post as well. Anchorpoint opposite IKEA Alexandra had a florist then in the basement. I was a walk-in customer and somehow the florist deemed I was an insurance agent (probably by dressing attire haha). She asked loads of questions about various life products and was very inquisitive about new plans. I found out why during the conversation and I remember what my uncle once told me,”No widow will reject life insurance.” It is one thing for someone to tell it to you, quite another to experience it yourself and being enlightened on the reason why.


Man works for money. If man don’t work, money must work. To those who embrace FIRE, do make provisions for some protection.

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