99 vs 999 – Property Comparison

It’s as if it were an experiment. An ongoing experiment at that.

For an experiment, many variables must be kept constant (near constant in this case) while the factor of interest is varied for analytical observation. Both properties were built by Ho Bee development Pte Ltd.

Southaven I is a private condominium located at 43 Hindhede Walk with a 99yrs lease commencing from 1994 according to URA website. Built in 1997.

Southaven II is also a private condominium, located at 31 Hindhede Walk with a 999yrs lease commencing from 1877 according to URA website. Built in 1999.

Annotation 2020-01-13 132508Annotation 2020-01-13 132507

The rental trends are fairly stable without significant differences between the 2 properties. After all, they are both located nearby each other.

Annotation 2020-01-12 204728

Annotation 2020-01-12 205025

99.co has good data.


  1. 999years lease holds value better over time.
  2. 999years lease have more liquidity.
  3. Rental focuses on location regardless of leasehold tenure.

The future is not cast in stone. Giving things proper attribution, the observations are made for the last decade and may not hold true for the future. Make your own play.

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