Prosperous New Year of the Rat 2020 to All Readers - Isaac Fang Prosperous New Year of the Rat 2020 to All Readers - Isaac Fang
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Prosperous New Year of the Rat 2020 to All Readers

CNY2020 Flowers

It’s been a year since my dad left this world. It’s been a year since moving into my current place. What a year it has been and moving forward, what am I envisioning for this year?

Investment Capital Markets

It has been a wild ride for yr2019 all thanks to Trump’s tweets. Navigating the market is tricky with a mix of good and bad judgement calls. Penny positions undertaken 2 years back, negated much of the gains earned this year.

The markets can punish you for doing the right thing, and reward you for doing the wrong thing. That is how it can mess you up if you are not mentally prepared to engage the market with the right perspectives. So what is the right perspective?

You got to recognise that the market has rational and irrational components, but you have to be rational more often than not.

Risk prudence when Iran attacked the Iraq airbase after a US airstrike killed the Iranian commander, was not optimal for the outcomes that we now see with wisdom on hindsight. That said, the Wuhan virus threw another curve ball moving forward. The extent of the risk of fallout to the rest of the world remains to be seen. It may or may not happen. That is the truth. Future probabilities are not static. Make your own play.

Social Media

There is a lot of intellectual masturbation online when it comes to online financial advice. Some information are transient and gets updated more frequently than others. Principles of approach towards various financial matters do not change that much. It is quite important to be able to distinguish between them just as opinions must be distinguished from facts. The world is going to get noisier, not quieter for sure.

The content I generate aims to be as timeless as possible, staying on the side of truth that the only constant in life is change, future probabilities are not static and giving things proper attribution. The industry is far from diagnostic which many people don’t realise, which makes the FDM process a tough sell because unlike a silver bullet, the process is not instantaneous.

2020 Vision

Striving for the ideal while criticising the real, is evidence of immaturity. Settling for the real without striving for the ideal, that is complacency. Maturity is living with the tension. ~ Rick Warren in the book titled The Purpose Driven Life.

I aim to push forth a financial literacy masterclass on the craft of financial planning. This class aims to distinguish the quantitative personal finance aspects from the craft aspects with the correct approach in handling variable factors in one’s financial life, incorporating the FDM process that respects every person’s individuality. Hopefully it can get sufficient funding from various training initiatives to encourage more sign ups.

The boxer who holds his guard up all the time without throwing a punch for fear of exposure to hits, will never win a match. There is a need to be bold but not reckless. Obstacles and failures are inevitable, but the fighting spirit to adapt, strive and eventually thrive must be there.

Be bold and have a prosperous year of the Rat 2020!


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