TM #goUltra Secure (ILP) - Isaac Fang CFA, ChFC, CFP TM #goUltra Secure (ILP) - Isaac Fang CFA, ChFC, CFP
TM #goTreasures Secure (ILP) 1intro
TM #goTreasures Secure (ILP)
February 25, 2022
AIA Elite Secure Income (ILP) 1intro
AIA Elite Secure Income (ILP)
March 2, 2022
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TM #goUltra Secure (ILP)

TM #goUltra Secure (ILP) 1intro

TM #goUltra Secure is a regular premium investment-linked plan that helps you ascend to financial success through rewarding opportunities; and protects your wealth against untimely death during market downturn. Navigate your way through rich waters towards ultra wealth creation with #goUltraSecure. Ride peak financial waves with flexible and rewarding investment opportunities that offer high watermark protection in the event of untimely death during market downturn. 

Some things to note firstly, this post will get dated. And the product might not be available for new subscriptions at some point. Hopefully this serves as reference for future policyholders who have forgotten what they have taken up.

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