TM #goUltra Secure (ILP) 1intro
TM #goUltra Secure (ILP)
February 28, 2022
AIA Platinum Gift for Life Plus 1intro
AIA Platinum Gift for Life Plus
March 3, 2022

AIA Elite Secure Income – first-in-market affordable, capital guaranteed investment-linked plan that lets you retire better than planned and so achieve your dream retirement confidently. 

AIA Elite Secure Income is a SGD & USD denominated Investment-linked Plan (ILP) which aims to address Affluent & HNW customers’ needs, with a focus on maximizing wealth creation needs towards retirement. It provides Secure Monthly Income up to at least 100% of total premiums paid (excluding top-up premium) invested.

Some things to note. This post will get dated. And the product might not be available for new subscriptions at some point. Hopefully this serves as reference for future policyholders who have forgotten what they have taken up.

AIA Elite Secure Income (ILP) 2what
AIA Elite Secure Income (ILP) 3feat
AIA Elite Secure Income (ILP) 4suit

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