Infinite Legacy (II) - Isaac Fang CFA, ChFC, CFP Infinite Legacy (II) - Isaac Fang CFA, ChFC, CFP
AIA Platinum Gift for Life Plus 1intro
AIA Platinum Gift for Life Plus
March 3, 2022
Geopolitical risk from Ukraine conflict gets real
How to examine Geopolitical Risk with an analysis framework.
March 6, 2022

Your stamp of accomplishment, love, and commitment deepens and strengthens as you achieve new milestones and achieve each of your goals. Create a legacy that rewards you despite the unexpected and lasts a lifetime. You may protect your family today and tomorrow with Infinite Legacy (II) if you have a clear and careful foresight.

You create an imprint of your love as you build a life with your family – it symbolizes your achievements, preserves treasured memories, and
represents cherished dreams. As you mould a life of comfort and security for your loved ones, let CPTIS Infinite Legacy (II) shape your family’s future – like a promise cast in stone.

Some things to note. This post will get dated. And the product might not be available for new subscriptions at some point. Hopefully this serves as reference for future policyholders who have forgotten what they have taken up.

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Infinite Elite Legacy (USD) (SP), single premium, participating whole life plan launched by China Taiping, is also available for distribution in PSPL.


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