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June 9, 2022
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China Life Accident Guardian
June 20, 2022

While an injury or illness may not render you disabled, it might have a significant impact on your job and wages. You can feel more comfortable about your income with AIA Pay Protector, even if a less serious injury or mental illness forces you to pause or change careers.

After an unexpected interruption in your job due to short-term incapacity or illness, it takes time to alter your future plans. Fixed monthly income payments for up to 5 years will help you make up for lost wages during this trying time.

When you start receiving monthly income payments, or when you recover from your disability, whichever comes first, your AIA Pay Protector premiums will be waived.

Some things to note. This post will get dated. And the product might not be available for new subscriptions at some point. Hopefully this serves as reference for future policyholders who have forgotten what they have taken up.

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This product may or may not fit into your financial plans. Understand that there is no best plan for all time, but there is a method to objectively facilitate your decisions. Read more about it here.


Definition of working and non working disability

It is important to take note of definitions as they can determine whether payouts are merited or not. Of course, people will wonder if at the point of claim, there is no income from employment or self employment then how? This is where Non-working disability definition comes in, relying on ADL (activities of daily living) definitions.

Naturally a confirmation from the physician is needed. At this juncture I also want to sidestep to say that insurance companies are also answerable to their own auditors – “Why payout the claim like this?” Yes we live in a world of verification now.

Other than deferment period (90days), the wordings to take note are “totally unable to perform the Material Duties of his Own Occupation.” Quite obviously, words with initial capital letters have weight, right?

Well “own occupation” versus “any occupation” in disability definitions have been discussed quite widely already (Disability definitions have evolved over time) but I think a great deal of subjectivity circles around what an occupation’s material duties entail. Unless someone can develop a table of occupations and their associated material duties, I will just leave things right here at the moment. Got to leave some things for specific inquiries, right? 

Anyway, for another data point, a 38yr old (age last birthday) male non-smoker who drives for a living, for $2000/month benefit, the annual cost is $873.20. If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me

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