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Income TermLife Solitaire 1intro
Income TermLife Solitaire
June 29, 2022
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July 2, 2022
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Income Star Term Protect

Income Star Term Protect 1intro

Looking for Term Life coverage for your new born, Income Star Term Protect might be a good fit. Having a minimum life assured age of ZERO (Age last Birthday) is a standout feature with my first glance. Already covering death, terminal illness and total and permanent disability for the basic policy, other riders can be added to enhance protection further. Those optional riders are: Hospital CashAid, Essential Protect, Total Protect and Premium Waivers.

For a brief description of those riders, can check out this other write up on another NTUC Income product – Income TermLife Solitaire.

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Some things to note. This post will get dated. And the product might not be available for new subscriptions at some point. Hopefully this serves as reference for future policyholders who have forgotten what they have taken up.

Income Star Term Protect may or may not fit into your financial plans. Understand that there is no best plan for all time, but there is a method to objectively facilitate your decisions. Read more about it here.


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