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Positive Carry
June 3, 2018
Truth and honesty as the best policy
July 17, 2018

“You have two kinds of dollars in your pocketbook. One kind of dollar belongs to you. And the other belongs to the old man you will be someday.

If you spend the old man’s dollar today, then youth is stealing from age. Today is stealing from tomorrow, strength is stealing from weakness, the present tense of life is stealing from the future tense.

It is not so bad to be old or poor. The real tragedy comes when a man is old and poor.”

~ 154 messages Paul Speicher

The math need not be complicated. Hypothetically, without considering inflation and reinvestment rates, assuming you are 30yrs of age intending to retire at 60 for 30yrs, you have to set aside 50% of your income earmarked for retirement.

Throw in inflation without investing and you will need to set aside more than 50%.

The message is simple, are you spending your old age dollars today?

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